Money Services Explained

Money Services Explained

Using A Bail Bondsman And Getting Your Loved One Out Of Jail Quickly

by Jennie Scott

If you are contacted by a loved one who has been arrested, then you may be asked for assistance when it comes to securing bail. Both you and your family member will likely be in quite a hurry to secure the bond so your loved one can get home as quickly as possible. You may need to work with a bail bondsman if you do not have a great deal of cash on hand. If so, read through the tips below to make sure the bond process goes as quickly as possibly.

Try To Get A Writ Bond

If your loved one was arrested for a crime, then they will need to see a judge. The judge will set the bail for your family member, and you will need to know the exact bail amount before contacting a bail bond business. The bail bondsman will need to contact the jail to release your loved one with the bond. You will need to provide the professional with the name of your loved one, their booking number, and the exact amount of the bail. If bail has not been set yet, then the bail bondsman will be unable to secure the release. 

Generally, bail is set based on the crime, and a judge will use something called a bail schedule as a guideline to set the bail. Even though there is a guideline for bail and the process will go smoothly once your loved one sees a judge, court scheduling may cause a delay. If you want bail to be set more quickly, then contact an attorney who can request a writ bond. A writ bond forces the court to set bail before your loved one is scheduled to meet the judge. Once this happens, you can provide the bail professional with the bail amount.

Secure The Bail Fee

Many people do not know that they need to pay a fee when they secure a bond for a loved one. This fee must be paid before the bond is provided for release. The fee can vary from state to state. Usually, fees are determined by the laws in your state, and 10% of the bail is a typical fee that you are likely to see. This may mean that you need to pay $500 on a $5,000 bail amount or $1,000 on $10,000 bail. You should make sure that you have more than enough money on hand to be able to pay this fee. Credit card and money order payments are usually accepted by bail bondsman, so you do not always need cash to make a payment. Also, some businesses will allow you to use a home or car as collateral until you are able to secure a credit card, cash, or money order payment. 

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