Money Services Explained

Money Services Explained

Ways To Pay Off A Business Loan

by Jennie Scott

You've taken out a business loan to cover expenses or expand your business and now you're looking at your best options for paying it off. Here are the main ways to pay off your business loan.

Pay It Off in Full

This is the preferred and best way of handling any loan. Try to pay off the full loan as soon as possible. This will help to build your credit rating, as you show that you are capable of sticking to an agreement. You can also reduce the fees if you pay early, and won't have to deal with extra interest by having the loan roll over into the next month.

Arrange Payment Dates

If the whole balance in one go isn't an option, follow a payment plan. It should already be set up in your loan documents, but if you have any questions, call your lender. Be sure to pay your minimum monthly payment on time, in full, each month. If you are able to, pay extra any month that you can so that you reduce the amount of interest that you end up paying in the long run and pay the load off quicker.

Be sure to ask your lender if making extra payments each month is okay and won't cost you a penalty. You might also want to know if the payment is applied to the interest of the loan or the principle.

Use a Credit Card

If you have enough available on a credit card, consider paying the loan off with that. You can then use the credit card as a way to pay off your loan in smaller, more manageable amounts. In some cases, you will be able to just make the minimum payment on your credit card each month until you clear the debt. Bear in mind that this could take you longer and lead to a higher payment overall. You should only use this option if putting the debt on the credit card is the only way you can pay it or if the credit card has less interest than the loan.

There are options for paying off your business loan and you should consider your revenue and what payment schedule you can manage. The most important thing is to pay it off as quickly as possible, but this may take some time. As long as you are diligent about the payments and pay on time each month, you are in good shape. For more information, contact companies like American National Bank Of MN.


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