Money Services Explained

Money Services Explained

  • Is It Better For Non-LLC Sole Proprietors To Have A Separate Business Bank Account?

    Working as a sole proprietor in a freelance business is one of the simpler ways to set up your commercial venture, but it does bring with it some confusion. Your business and personal budgets often combine into one, and that can lead to shortages or mixed-up records if you aren't careful. Getting a separate business bank account is an option, but it is also another item to keep track of, and it can have some financial effects that you weren't expecting.

  • How to Improve the Way You Invest with Three Simple Steps

    When you invest your money, it needs to work to your advantage. It's time to take a breather in the investment game right now and focus on improving your game. Here are three steps to improve the way you invest. Look Out for the Dividends Check out the companies that pay dividends. This will give you a paycheck that you can save or invest again rather than relying on the buying and selling process.

  • 3 Silver Coins To Look For In Your Spare Change And Save To Add To Your Collection

    Whether you are an avid coin collector or not, there are some coins that you may want to be on the lookout for in your pocket change. Some of these coins can contain silver and be very valuable or at least worth more than their face value. Even if you are not an avid collector, these coins may be worth saving and adding to a small collection. Here are some of the silver coins that you will want to be on the lookout for to add to your collection:

  • How To Calculate Your At-Home Office Deduction When You Run A Licensed Daycare Out Of Your Home

    When you run a licensed day care out of your home, you qualify for an at-home office deduction that can lower your taxable income and thus reduce your overall tax bill. Here is what you need to do to calculate your at-home office deduction. #1 Figure Out The Square Footage Of Your Home That You Use For Business The first thing you need to do is figure out what percentage of your home you use for business purposes.

  • Ways To Pay Off A Business Loan

    You've taken out a business loan to cover expenses or expand your business and now you're looking at your best options for paying it off. Here are the main ways to pay off your business loan. Pay It Off in Full This is the preferred and best way of handling any loan. Try to pay off the full loan as soon as possible. This will help to build your credit rating, as you show that you are capable of sticking to an agreement.

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Money Services Explained

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